Teks Drama Bagian 11

Snow Black 

Durasi : 20 Menit
Pengarang : Wahyu Dwi Lesmono
Tema : Persahabatan, Dongeng, Medieval, Humor
Aliran : Bahasa Inggris
Jumlah Karakter : 9 Orang (King, Mirror, Snow Black, Princess Anastasya, Dwarf 1, Dwarf 2, Dwarf 3, Dwarf 4, Dwarf 5)

One day, there lived a handsome fat prince named Snow Black who had father who envious with his son handsomeness. Until that he had his own magic mirror to make sure who is more handsome whether he or his son.

King : “Oh my magic mirror, who is more handsome, me or Prince Snow Black?”
Mirror : “Pardon me my majesty, the most handsome is still Prince Snow Black.”
King : “WHAT?!? Trash!! Why still always that ugly black prince?!?”
Mirror : “Sorry my majesty, but from his black skin that is handsomeness come from.”
King : “Hm.... maybe, I must able to get rid of that ugly black prince.”

Finally the king was trying to expel Prince Snow Black, so he removed the prince without trace.

King : “Oh my dear prince.... please come here!”
Snow Black :  “What is up dad?”
King : “You should expelled from this castle immediately!”
Snow Black : “What? but why should I be expelled?”
King : “Because you have made my life became garbled, so I command you to get out from the this castle immediately!”
Snow Black : “Well, if it’s for dad and castle kindness, I will go now!”

Snow Black go out from castle.

King : “Mwahahaha, finally he go away. From now, I’m the most handsome in this kingdom!! Hahahaha!!”

Prince Snow Black went into the forest, tired. He walked all day until the end he found a house that no occupants

Snow Black : “Wow.. whose house is it? I better visit for a rest.”

Prince Snow Black entered the house and found that there is foods and a small size bed in the house, because he cannot held his tire feeling, he ate those foods and go to bed for rest. Meanwhile...

Dwarf 1 : “Finally we back to home, I’m tired working all day.”
Dwarf 2 : “Yes, my stomach is hungry.”
Dwarf 3 : “But, why the door of our house is open?”
Dwarf 4 : “I doubt if it can be the robber!”
Dwarf 5 : “It’s impossible in the middle of forest like this have robbers.”
Dwarf 1 : “Look! our foods is gone and there is nothing left!”
Dwarf 2 : “Hey guys! Come here and see the huge human sleeping on our bed.”

All Dwarves: “Where... Where...”
All Dwarves : “Wow.. you’re right.. Big and black.”
Dwarf 3 : “But he is so pretty and handsome.”
All Dwarves : “Huuuuuuu............”
Dwarf 4 : “What you mean handsome? He is black.”
Dwarf 5 : “Calm down... He will wake up soon.”
Dwarf 1 : “Leave it alone! He will wake up, so we will know what he do here.”
Snow Black : “Huuwaaaa... It’s so comfortable to sleep here.”

Snow Black : “Hey...  Who are you?!”
Dwarf 2 : “It should be to ask you who are you?”
Dwarf 3 : “Yes, why you a sweety handsome can be here?”
Snow Black : “So, this is your house? I just want to get on a rest.”
Dwarf 4 : “Why rest are you so long? So, where do you go?”
Snow Black : “Actually, I expelled by my father from the castle.”
Dwarf 5 : “Really? Bu why?”
Snow Black : “I don’t know, it's just that he doesn’t like me.”
Dwarf 1 : “So, it’s mean you don’t have a place to live.”
Dwarf 2 : “But, you can stay in our house.”
Snow Black : “Really? I would love to stay here.”
Dwarf 3 : “Who says he can stay here? he can’t”
Dwarf 4 : “But, he is so pity. Look! His black and weld face, who is bear him!”
Dwarf 5 : “So, we do powwow first. Guys... let’s assemble now!”

The Dwarves was powwowing shortly and secretly.

Snow Black : “How I can stay here?”
Dwarf 1 : “ From the result of powwowing we had done.”
Dwarf 2 : “You can stay here!”
Dwarf 3 : “We’re so happy. It becomes more people that live in here!”
Snow Black : “Really? Woah... I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks all. Also, I will help your work here!”
Dwarf 4 : “And, welcome to our house.”
Dwarf 5 : “I hope you enjoy to stay here.”

Finally, Snow Black lives with the friendly dwarves happily. But, meanwhile in the castle.

King : “I’m so happy. No more the ugly disturber. From now, I’m the most handsome in this kingdom! I want ensure, ‘Oh my magic mirror, who is the most handsome in this kingdom?’”
Mirror : “Pardon me my majesty, but the most handsome in this kingdom is still Prince Snow Black.”
King : “WHAT?!? It’s IMPOSSIBLE! I have vanish him. It’s not possible if he is still the most handsome in this kingdom.”
Mirror : “But the fact my majesty, he still alive and live nicely in the middle of forest there.”
King : “He still ALIVE?!? Trash!! I should use the hard way to get rid of him.”

The king was preparing cunning plan to get rid of Prince Snow Black.

In the middle of forest. DSMLMD BLOG

Snow Black : “You already want to go to work!”
Dwarf 1 : “Of course, we must go soon. So, we can back to home early.”
Dwarf 2 : “I’m finish for prepare. Let’s go, guys!”
Dwarf 3 : “You just keep the house here!”
Snow Black : “I don’t need follow you to help you?”
Dwarf 4 : “You don’t need that. You just keep the house here well!!”
Dwarf 5 : “Yeah, anyway we also only for a while. Not too long.”
Snow Black : “Okay then, good bye, be careful, and back to home early!”

When the dwarves go, not long after that, King has come up with cunning plan to disguise as an old man who selling apple.

King : “Excuse me....”
Snow Black : “Yes, what’s up?”
King : “I want to sell these apples.”
Snow Black : “Oh yes, please come in!”
King : “These are apples which I sell. Not good question to see. But they are delicious to eat. Buy one to help me...”
Snow Black : “Yes, these apples is nice but how.... I don’t have money.”
King : “Oh no problem, you also can change it with one bread. Please help me....”
Snow Black : “Yes, for bread is no problem. Okay then, this is bread for you.”
King : “Thank you. Please take this apple and try to eat it. It’s sweet.” (give the apple)
Snow Black : (take and eat the apple) “Oh yes... this is delicious.”

Suddenly, Snow Black felt cramps on his throat and he feel down and fainted.

King : (Remove his disguise and laughed) “Mwahahahaha, finally you die, Prince Snow Black. And no more can beat me again!”

From outside house.

Dwarf 1 : “I’m tired, I want to go home immediately.”
Dwarf 2 : “You’re always complain, we already back to our home right now.”
Dwarf 3 : “Look our house! I think there are other people in there!”
Dwarf 4 : “I doubt if he is.....”
Dwarf 5 : “Come’on guys, hurry.  Let’s check it.”

King : “What... something comes here. I gotta go now!”

Dwarf 1 : “It is him. Look! He fainted!”
Dwarf 2 : “Let’s take him to the bed.”
Dwarf 3 : “I’m sure his father did this. It’s so cruel!”
Dwarf 4 : “We can’t do anymore.”
Dwarf 5 : “We just hope for a miracle.”

The days was change, but nothing indicates that Prince Snow Black condition is going well. Someday, appeared a Princess came for save the Prince.

Princess Anastasya : “ Excuse me…”
Dwarf 1 : “Hey.. a guest come here. Look!”
Dwarf 2 : “How could anyone coming here?”
Dwarf 3 : “Yes… its odd. I doubt… that’s his father that want to harm him again.”
Dwarf 4 : “How it is come be? Try you to see it first!”
Dwarf 5 : “Okay okay… I see it first…. Who are you?”
Princess Anastasya : “I’m Princess Anastasya.”
Dwarf 5 : “What do you want to come here?”
Princess Anastasya : “I know if here has a Prince was lying down. I can help him.”
Dwarf 4 : “How we know that you didn’t want doing evil to him?”
Princess Anastasya : “I don’t know but I swear, my purpose here to help the Prince.”
Dwarf 3 : “Well.. tell her to enter our house. We hear her explanation inside our house.”
Princess Anastasya : “Thank you.”
Dwarf 2 : “How could you know about Prince and this place?”
Princess Anastasya : “That is because of my dream.”
All Dwarves : “Your dream???”
Princess Anastasya : “Yes… my dream. I dream that I have saved a Prince in this place and almost everyday I dreamed same like this. So I know this place.”

In other place.

Mirror : “My majesty, I have bad news.”
King : “What bad news, my magic mirror?”
Mirror : “There is a Princess that will save the Prince.”
King : “It’s impossible to happen. How the princess can save the Prince?”
Mirror : “That is because of it have strong relationship between that Princess and the Prince Snow Black.”
King : “Well… we must go there immediately! I will take you too, my magic mirror.”

Inside Dwarves’s House!

Dwarf 1 : “Well.. show it to us!”
Princess Anastasya : “Well.. I will show it!”

Suddenly, the king appeared.

King : “Hi Princess. I’m waiting what you do…”
Princess : “Who are you!?”
Dwarf 2 : “It must be his father’s Prince.. How is this?!?”
King : “I’m the handsome king in this kingdom and I will stop your action.”
Mirror “: “My majesty, hurry! Stab Prince Snow Black before it’s late.”
Princess Anastasya : “I would not allow it! You guys, quick destroy the magic mirror there!”
Dwarf 3 : “Okay, take the stone there. Lets destroy the magic mirror! One… Two… Three…!!!”
Mirror : “MY MAJESTY…. NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

The king and his mirror broken together.

Dwarf 4 : “We did it!!! Hooorrraaayyy!!!”
Dwarf 5 : “This is your chance, Princess. Make the Prince aware!”
Princess Anastasya : “Okay.. I will do it.”

When the princess fondle the prince’s head thrice, the prince finally aware.

Dwarf 1 : “The prince is aware. Let’s see!”
Snow Black : “What happened to me? Why I was like sleeping too long and who is this beautiful princess?”
Dwarf 2 : “She is Princess Anastasya who has saved you.”
Snow Black : “Really? Thank you, you have saved me.”
Princess Anastasya : “You’re welcome, Handsome Prince.”
All Dwarves : “YEAH!!!”

In the end, the prince back to lived in the castle and married with the princess. They create a new family castle that live in peace and happiness.

Teh End


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